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Gold Urinals


Our selection of Luxury & Gold Urinals. Unique and high quality gold plated urinals give men’s restroom a royal look. All our luxury gold urinals are made of high-temperature ceramics (porcelain), which ensures the strength and durability of the urinals.

The gold plated smooth and glossy surface is durable, scratch-resistant and resistant to any cleaning. The surface is also resistant to time – its gloss does not fade over the time.

We have different styles of luxury gold plated urinals. There are available wall-mounted as well as freestanding urinals with different kind of gold designs.

Most of our gold plated urinals use battery operated automatic sensor flushing system, but there are also some models with manual flushing. Automatic sensor flushing urinals are the best choice as touch free operation is hygienic to use and high-performing flushing system is efficient, so it helps to save water.