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Premium Plain Gold Toilet

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Unveiling the Elegance of Premium Plain Gold Toilet

Key Features

  • Seating height 41 cm / 16.14 inch
  • One-piece design eliminates crevices for easy cleaning
  • High-quality construction, wear and scratch resistant gold plated surface
  • Right-height, ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Includes slow-close seat and lid
  • Polished gold plated top-mounted trip lever
  • High-efficiency, advanced flushing system
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria
  • Pit distance (rough-in): 300 mm / 12 inch; 400 mm / 16 inch (What is a pit distance?)
  • Ground drainage (drainage to the floor)

Royal Toiletry Global, renowned for its luxurious toilets and bathroom basins, presents the Premium Plain Gold Toilet – a pinnacle of sophistication and style in bathroom design. This exquisite piece is not just a toilet but a statement of luxury and elegance, perfectly embodying the brand’s commitment to providing high-end, quality products.

The Essence of Luxury: Design and Aesthetics

The Premium Plain Gold Toilet is a masterpiece of design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features a resplendent gold finish that radiates opulence. The smooth, shiny surface of the toilet reflects light beautifully, instantly elevating the aesthetic of any bathroom. Its sleek, contemporary design seamlessly integrates into a variety of interior styles, from classic to modern luxury.

A Fusion of Style and Functionality

While its appearance is stunning, the Premium Plain Gold Toilet is equally impressive in its functionality. Equipped with an advanced flushing system, it ensures efficient and effective waste disposal. This system is not only powerful but also operates quietly, maintaining the serene ambiance of your luxury bathroom.

Ergonomic Comfort

Comfort is key in bathroom fixtures, and this toilet doesn’t disappoint. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable seating position, making it suitable for extended use. Its height and shape are thoughtfully crafted to cater to a wide range of users, providing an effortless and comfortable experience.

Built to Last: Quality and Durability

Durability is a hallmark of Royal Toiletry Global’s products, and this toilet is no exception. Made with high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the test of time. The gold finish is not just visually appealing but also resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, ensuring that the toilet retains its luster for years to come.

Easy Maintenance

Despite its luxurious appearance, the Premium Plain Gold Toilet is surprisingly easy to maintain. The smooth surface allows for quick and effortless cleaning, ensuring that the toilet remains hygienic and sparkling with minimal effort.

Elevating Bathroom Interiors

Incorporating the Premium Plain Gold Toilet into your bathroom is a surefire way to elevate its overall look and feel. It acts as a focal point, adding a touch of royal elegance to the space. Whether you’re refurbishing your bathroom or selecting fixtures for a new build, this toilet is a perfect choice for those who seek the ultimate in bathroom luxury.

In summary, Royal Toiletry Global’s Premium Plain Gold Toilet is a blend of luxury, comfort, and functionality. Its opulent design, advanced features, and durable construction make it a standout addition to any high-end bathroom. Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with this exquisite piece that epitomizes the essence of luxury living.

Premium Plain Gold Toilet dimensions

Weight50 kg
Dimensions70 × 39 × 79 cm

Gold plated ceramic

Flushing Method

Dual-Flush Flushing

Flushing Flowrate

Flush 1: 3 litres / 0.8 gallons
Flush 2: 4.5 – 6 litres / 1.2 – 1.6 gallons

Drainage Pattern


Packing size


Seat cover

Slow closing & quick release

Pit distance

300 mm / 12 inch (ground drainage) , 400 mm / 16 inch (ground drainage)

Drainage mode

Ground drainage

Seating height

41 cm / 16.14 inch

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