What to keep in mind when choosing a new toilet for your home

Choosing a new toilet for your home can be a simple process if you keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Determine the type of toilet you need: There are different types of toilets, such as two-piece, one-piece, wall-mounted, corner toilets and smart toilets. Two-piece toilets are the most common and affordable type. One-piece toilets are easier to clean and have a sleeker design, but they are more expensive. Wall-mounted toilets are ideal for small bathrooms as they save space, while corner toilets are designed for bathrooms with limited space. A smart toilet is a high-tech toilet that uses advanced technology to offer additional features beyond a traditional toilet.
  2. Size and shape: Toilets come in different sizes and shapes, so you need to choose one that fits your bathroom space and matches your aesthetic preferences. Consider the rough-in distance (the distance between the wall and the center of the toilet drain) and the bowl shape (round or elongated). Consider the bowl shape: Toilets come in two bowl shapes: round and elongated. Round bowls are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they take up less space, while elongated bowls are more comfortable and suitable for larger bathrooms.
  3. Style and design: There are different styles, designs and colors of the toilets. The most common white ones are the most affordable, however design luxury toilets are much more expensive.
  4. Water efficiency: Water efficiency is an essential aspect to consider when buying a new toilet. Look for a toilet that is WaterSense certified, which means it uses 1.28 gallons per flush or less.
  5. Height and comfort: The height of the toilet is also an important factor to consider, especially for people with mobility issues or disabilities. A standard toilet height is around 15 inches, while a comfort height toilet is around 17 to 19 inches.
  6. Installation: Consider the ease of installation and whether you can do it yourself or will need professional help, eg. wall-mounted toilets require professional help.
  7. Price: Toilets come in a range of prices, so you need to determine your budget and look for a toilet that fits your needs and budget.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose a toilet that meets your needs and preferences while ensuring efficient and comfortable use.

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